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A glezele lehaim - Iosif Kabzon
A 'meidele fin Tel-Aviv - Max Perelman
Ai D-Dai-Da - Aaron Lebeder
And the Angels Sing - L'Chaim
Amen - Kolot
Al Jolson - 1929 record
Al Jolson - Hatikvah - (Original version)
* Anniversary Waltz - Jan Peerce
Anniversary Waltz - Al Jolson
Avinu Malkenu
* Barbra Streisand - Avinu Malkeinu
* Barbra Streisand - Hatikva
Barry sisters - Aby gizint
Barry sisters - Bay mir bistu sheyn
Barry sisters - Chana From Havanna
Barry sisters - chiribim chiribom
Barry sisters - Coney Island
Barry sisters - der neyer sher
Barry sisters - Eishes Chiyell
Barry sisters - Farges mith nit
Barry sisters - hava nagila
Barry sisters - Haveynu Sholem Aleychem
Barry sisters - hopkele
Barry sisters - ich hob dich tzu feel lib
Barry sisters - yo, mayn libeh tochter
Barry sisters - Main Glick
Barry sisters - Mayn Shtetele Beltz
Barry sisters - My Yiddishe Mama
Barry sisters - Ochy chernye
Barry sisters - Papirossen
Barry Sisters - Passover Medley (Delightful)
Barry sisters - Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Barry sisters - Rumeyniye
Barry sisters - Shabes licht
(new version)
Barry sisters - Shein vi di levone
Barry sisters -Vus bis ti katsele baroiges
Barry sisters - tum balalaika
Barry sisters - Tzena
Barry sisters - vie a heen zol ich gayn
Barry sisters - Yingele Nit Vain
Barry sisters - tzigayner romans
Barry sisters - zug es mir noch amool
Bashana Haba'ah
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - Andrews Sisters
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - Benny Goodman
Bruss Adler - Nayem Sher
Chassidic Melody - Netania Davrath
Chieu Matzcova - podmoskovniye vechera
Chtn - raztagee
Der Rebbe Elimeylech - Jan Peerce
Der Rebbe Elimeylech - KaOZ Klezmer
Dedi - Od Yishoma
Di Grine Kuzine - Florence Singer
Di_Grine_Kuzine - Male vocal
Doina, Roumanian Hora and Bulgar - Yarmulkazi
Dona Dona Dona - Chava Alberstein
Ein Keloheinu - Richard Tucker
Eins Eins - Yaffa Yakoni
Eli Eli
Eli Eli - Johnny Mathis
* Eli Eli - Perry Como

Erev Shel Shoshahamin - Beskydy
Eretz Eretz - Ilinat
Ethnic song
Exodus - Andy Williams
Exodus & Havah Nagilah - Connie Francis
Gey Ich Mir Shpatzirn
Ghetto Tango - Moishe Holdon
Grishisher Tantz
Haganah Patrol
Ha Shanah Habahah
Havah Nagilah
Havah Nagilah -Harry Belafonte
(Very Good)
Hanukkah In Santa Monica - Tom Lehrer
Horey mazel tov n'simen-Hora
Hulye Kabtzin - Mike Burstein
Ich Vil Nor A Bisele
If I Were A Rich Man
Inzenurska - Plavci
Khosid - Wedding Dances
Kibbutz Wedding
Klezmer - Mazel tov
Klezmer - Odessa Mama - Judy Bresler
Klezmer - Adon Olam
* Kol Nidre - Instrumental
* Kol Nidre - Al Jolson -
* Kol Nidre - Johnny Mathis
* Kol Nidrei - Perry Como
Korin Alal

Leybedik und Freylech - Yarmulkazi
Lu Yeh - Kolot
Mamaloshen - 16 songs by Mandy Patimkin
Maoz Tzur
Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof
Matty's Song - Yarmulkazi
Meshuggeneh - Rumania
Mike Burstyn
Miracle Of Miracles
Mordechai Ben David - Let my people go
Mule Train
My Yiddishe Mame - Sophie Tucker
English & Yiddish
Od Avinu Chai
Od LoAvanti Dai - Yarmulkazi
Ofn Pripetshik - Florence Singer
Oy Chanukah, Oy Chanukah
Podmoskovnie vechera
Popoum - Potpuri of Yiddish songs
Rumania, Rumania - Aaron Lebedeff
Russian Gypsy Balalika
Russian Red Army Choir - Kalinka.
Russian Red Army Choir- Ochi Chornye
Russian National Anthem
Russian National Anthem - 1915

Shir L'Shalom - Kolot
Sh´ma - Am Yisroel Chai - Hatikvah
Shiri Bim - Herschel Bernardi
Schindler's List - Krakow Ghetto - Winter '41
Shalom - Kolot
Shaslom aleihem-sei yona - Shawn's Kugel
Shalom Aleichem
Shama Israel
Shein V Di Levone
Shlomo Artzi-haahava hayeshna
Shpil-Zhe Mir A Lidele in Yiddish
Sissu et yerushayim
Sixteen Tons - Mickey Katz
Sunrise Sunset
Theodore Bikel - Mayn Shtetele Beltz

Those Were The Days
Tsen Kopikes
* Tradition - Fiddler on the Roof
Tum balalaika - Herschel Bernardi
Turn, Turn, Turn - Kolot
Tzena,Tzena - Tzena,Hevenu
Tzvey Gitares David Eshet
TzenaTzenaTzena - Gordon Jenkins & Weavers
Ulai Machar - Kolot
Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn - Steve Lawrence
Yierushalaim Shel Zahav
Yome, Yome - Shoshana Damari
Yoske Yoske
Zog Nit Keyn Mol - Paul Robeson
Zug Far Vus

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Following are records by various artists:
Louis Danto record #1 - Yiddish
Louis Danto record #2 - Hebrew, Yiddish & Russian
Louis Danto - Yiddish theater selections
Sidor Belarsky - Chanukah
Sidor Belarsky record #1 - Yiddish
Sidor Belarsky - Russian folk songs
Aaron Lebedeff - Yiddish Theater
Leibele Waldman - Chassidic melodies
Leibele Waldman - Inspirational songs - Yiddish
Moshe Taube - Synagogue Masterpieces
Leib Glantz - Chassidim Brinah
Samuel Malavsky - Songs My Mother Sang To Me
Samuel Malavsky - Passover Seder Service
David "DuDu" Fisher - Golden Yiddish Favorites
David "DuDu" Fisher - Broadway songs in Hebrew
Sing Along with Isaac Goodfriend
Chaim Parchi- Haggadah songs
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Yiddish Art
Israeli Paintings
Synagogues of Slovakia
Moscow - If it asks for password, click Read Only
Wedding traditions - Open and then Read Only
Chanukah songs - Open and then Read Only

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